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During your tenancy we are required to conduct regular inspections as part of our responsibilities.

An initial inspection of the property is carried out approximately three (3) months after commencement of your tenancy, then every six (6) months thereafter. You are notified in writing of these inspections at least seven (day) days in advance. The purpose of these inspections is to review any maintenance issues and ensure the property is being cared. 

Please note that we will take photographs and in some occasions a video of the property during these inspections to demonstrate any maintenance and how well you are looking after the home.  In some situations the owner may also accompany us. Whilst you are welcome to be in attendance, you do not need to be home as we will use our office keys to gain access.


Renters who want to have a pet in the property must contact our office first to seek the owners permission by completing and submitting the required form available by clicking here . Owners cannot reasonable withhold consent, however an application can be made to VCAT for an order to refuse permission. All renters, including those with pets, have a responsibility to keep their rental property clean, avoid damage, and not be a nuisance to others. 

Lease Renewal 

Prior to  the end of your fixed term lease, we will contact you to advise if a further fixed term lease has been offered by the owner. We encourage you to sign a fixed term Agreement for the additional security it provides. If you do not sign a new Agreement your tenancy will automatically continue on a month by month (periodic) tenancy on the same terms and conditions as the previous Agreement.

Change in Renters

Only those names that have been approved and appear on the Rental Agreement should occupy the property.  However we understand that circumstances can change – there is a process that must be followed.  Should a new renter wish to occupy the property, the owner must also approve their application and a bond transfer with the RTBA must be completed. 

You must contact your property manager to have any new renter approved or a renter removed and a Bond Transfer form completed with the new and outgoing renter details and signatories. 

Any change in occupant could affect the bond refund process when you vacate. If you do wish to change one of the parties on the Agreement, please contact our team immediately and we can advise you what steps to take. 

Garden Maintenance

Renters are responsible for maintaining gardens and disposal of garden waste unless otherwise advised. All renters are responsible for watering gardens. If you feel your thumb is not green enough or are simply time poor, we have a list of gardeners we can recommend to assist you. 


It goes without saying but please ensure that all cars, motorbikes, trailers, campers, vans, etc only park in the designated parking areas. Do not park on the front lawn, in illegal spaces or with common property. Do not forget, it is your responsibility repair any damage so the rear parking camera may be handy. Oil stains also must be removed before vacating so we recommend using a drip tray.