Allister Morrison

General Manager

About Allister

Since beginning in the real estate industry some twelve years ago Allister has earnt himself a reputation of providing the highest level of professional service and a commitment of achieving the best results for his clients. His overwhelming enthusiasm, single - minded determination and motivation ensure that all his clients walk away with total satisfaction.

Allister's impressive track record in real estate has seen him achieve some of the best results for real estate in Ballarat. Performance and success are paramount to Allister. He believes that much of his success is attributed to Ballarat Real Estate Pty Ltd where he is a consultant. "BRE has emerged as leaders in the local real estate industry. They are the most dynamic and innovative real estate firm in Ballarat. There is a total team focus on achieving top results and they strive for best practice customer service. Their commitment and preparedness to invest in new innovative ideas sets them apart from the rest and allows them to adapt to the changing market. High service standards and the resources to achieve the best prices ensures that BRE clients are better off".

Allister Morrison is a fully licensed estate agent and is probably the most qualified real estate agent in Ballarat. Allister graduated from the University of Melborne with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and Marketing and is well placed to provide our clients with a marketing edge. Allister has also completed a specialist Property Degree at RMIT in which he majored in Property Valuations. Allister is a member of the Australian Property Institute and is also the founding President of the Rotary Club of Ballarat-Young Ambition. Allister has also been appointed to the board of Ballarat Community Enterprise and serves on the marketing committee.

When Allister isn't working he makes the most of his spare time. Allister particularly enjoys spending time at Torquay during both summer and winter. Like most hard working real estate agents, Allister stays active after hours, naming tennis amongst his favourite past times together with travel when the opportunity arises.

You can contact Allister direct on 0438 508 855.

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